Clef "Napoj"

The beer Potion of the Clef Brewery is a magical blend. With in it is the care and attention of the quality Slovenian and American hops.

Protagonist "Dreamer"

The beer is getting its shape and awakening from a long sleep. Therefore, we present to one of our main heroes under the hand of the local domestic brewers.

Green Gold "Rocket Queen"

Rocket queen will surely take over your attributes and present you with a new dimension of pleasure.

Green Gold "Cashmere"

Your hand finds itself near a shrub that is full of forest fruits. You already have a pleasant refreshing taste in your mouth, and when you finally reach for the goodies allowed, you will be surprised by our Neipa, who we named CASHMERE.

Protagonist "Uličar"

The Uličar is the first beer from their MusicBeer compilation. It's about collaborating with different musicians and mixing music with carefully chosen kraft styles - because the beer gets a fuller taste with real music and a new dimension with real beer. For the beginning, the Uličar APA and the Marvin group from Laško will take care of this.

Skubeer "TE6"

Rich flavor allows extremely complex ingredients in top American hops if the floral and citrus flavor predominates with the addition of spices. It's a beer full of flavors, with a flavor in bitterness, which you will instantly kiss all kraft fans.

Green Gold "Forbidden Fruit"

Our forbidden fruit is allowed to all of you who understand what it means to enjoy warm spring, summer and fall evenings.